BRUHM 100L Table Top Refrigerator


Durable and Efficient perfect for small kitchens and offices, the Bruhm Mini Refrigerator BRS C100 is efficient in every way. With a 100L Capacity and mechanical control, the Refrigerator delivers low noise operation. It preserves food and cools quickly, thanks to the direct cooling feature.

The Bruhm Mini Refrigerator BRS C100 has a stylish design that lets it fit into any decor style. The adjustable legs also create more flexibility for you, while the interior light is perfect for low light situations. The Lock and Key ensures that you can control access to your refrigerator.

Size in Liters: 100
Capacity (Net): 90 Liters
Energy Saving: Yes
Artistic Recessed Handle
Chromed Edge
Integrated Door
Hidden Hinges
Defrost Button
Wired Shelves
Steel Back Panel
Internal Condenser
Key Lock


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